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Life Update and the Makeup World

I have not made a post in so long. Sometimes it be like that lol. I cannot say that I have been busy but I just have not been feeling like social media much lately. It is so time consuming to me anyways. I have feel off keeping up with blogs and YouTube.

It has been so much going on in the news; so many bad things have just been happening that I have just been feeling drained. I am sad about how the world has acting. I always try to stay positive and encourage others to do the same. I am still on my journey to becoming a better person. I am still looking for a church for me. In addition, I am still on a weight loss journey.

I have been on my lazy girl so now it is time to pick myself back up and focus on what is important. I have been organizing myself; plotting in planning. I have some amazing things in store for myself. I am truly blessed. I have my moments but God has been and is good to me.

I never talk about the things that I want to do simply because I do not want to hear someone else’s opinion especially if they have no idea what they are talking about. I noticed that people think they know everything. I know what is right for me; I always do my research and educate myself so I will be just fine. This time next year, I will be making a blog about something special. Shhhhhh it is a secret.

I am focused I have many things to do and accomplish. Just a little hint I am going to be “Master-ing” something next year. This is a big step for me and I have a year to organizing, prepare and research my major.

Weight loss, that is a completely different blog.

Everything is a journey and everything takes time. I came to realize that and I am content where I am. I am not in a race and I am not trying to be like anyone else. I am doing my journey at my own pace.

I am so proud of my high school graduating class. I know this is off on a tangent but my City Knights c/o 2005 are more than amazing. I see so many successful and educated young men and women. I am so happy for them and all of their success.

Let us talk makeup…

The addiction is real. I have so much that is going on that I think I will lie off the “makeup game” for a while. I will still post a blog once or twice a week to my beauty blog. You all should check it out because I work really hard on it.

To be honest I have an abundance of makeup. I want to start using the items that I have and stop buying as much makeup. I want to start focusing on skin care, brushes and face products. I have eyeshadows for days. I saw a couple of palettes I want to get but we will see. Gabby aint made of money lol.

I want quality for my blog so I will work on that in the mist of all other improvement activities that I have for myself.

Thanks for reading. Stay blessed, positive and encouraged. You can do anything you want all you have to do is believe. Cliché right?! It is the truth. I love you and stay you.

Chanel Gabrielle

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