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AS Diva Dollars Email.

I just opened my email about Ashley Stewart’s Diva Dollars and I saw the beautiful ariiiii You are gorgeous and beyond. Congratulations and I wish you many more blessing.

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The Death of Robin Williams and Why It Hit Home

As just about everyone know Robin Williams passed away August 11, 2014 at the age of 63. I do not know the man whole life story but I do know that he was a great actor and a funny man. I was shocked to hear that he took his life. He was battling with depression. He was hiding behind a smile. I am amazed that such a funny man could have these demons. Why does it hit home…because I too battle with depression. I know what it is like to hide behind a smile, to act as if everything is ok when it is not. I know what it is like to feel certain feeling and do not know why. It is hard to live with this illness and get people to understand that is real.

We always think that celebrities have it made and no worries in life. Celebrities are human like us. They eat, sleep, hurt and love just like us. Money does not take the place of anything. I am sure that celebrities go through a lot because of the attention they get. It is hard to take care of yourself when you have millions of eyes watching you.

With all that said, I just want people to know that it is real. Depression is a real disease and it can take lives. If you feel like you may have depression please seek help. Never be ashamed of the things you feel and go through. We are all human; we all have problems.

Please take care of yourself and love yourself. I will list below sites to help you if you feel like you are dealing with depression. Any questions or want to talk, I am here. Never be afraid to ask for help for anything.

To the family of Robin Williams, You are in my prayers as you go through life in these trying times. I hope that you rejoice his life. He made many of us laugh.

Stay lovely

Michael Brown Shooting: My thoughts and opinions

I am sure most of us (if not all of us) has heard the story about Michael Brown. I would like to offer my deepest condolences to the family, friends and community of Michael Brown. I am sure many people in Ferguson, MO (as well as all over) are affected by this tragedy. I hate when I hear about the death of young people.

I think that this is a very controversial subject matter. We all have many feelings about this tragedy and we all want (and deserve) answers. It should not have happen and I am saddened by the situation but we cannot change the past. We must prepare and work for a better future.

I believe half of what I see and none of what I hear. I was not there (and many of the people that are speaking via social media were not there either). Again, It SHOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED. However, the things that I am seeing said via social media are upsetting.

I do believe that racism still exists and I believe that it could have played a part in the tragedy. I am upset that past educators and activist have fought so hard as HUMANS to be equal regardless of race, culture, religion, sex, etc. and yet things like this still happens.

I want to address three (out of a million) that I seen that is just crazy to me.

  1. People     saying that the death of Robin Williams should not get that much attention     or saying it is a distraction to what is going on etc. SMH…I get so upset     when I saw this. He was a celebrity so of course he is going to gain national     attention. Then the reason of death will definitely gain even more     attention. This man committed suicide and there are plenty of people in     the world who have or have thought about committing suicide. Depression is     a real disease that is affecting a number of people. This attention could     have been a wakeup call for many people. I suffer from depression so it hit     home to me. As far as a distraction, you should stay focused on the things     you want done; I know I do.
  2. People     saying they hate cops and ignore the law(s). Laws are set in     place for a reason. I can admit that there are crooked and unfair cops. I     can even say that I have come across prejudice cops. Then do something     about it. I always hear people complain but never take actions. How do you     know it don’t work if you never tried? Where there is a will there is a     way. I know it is easier said than done but what is the harm in trying. Go     to your community leaders, write letter, make calls and let it be known     that you have a problem and you want a change. Make yourself (and your     community) heard. Teamwork makes a dream work.
  3. People     saying that the way we [the Black race] act causes such problems. No one deserves to     be killed. I do not care what race you are or what you have done. Every     race acts different. I am not saying that it is ok for the black race to     do the negative things that they do (it is not right for any race) but we     are human. No acts that we do should give someone else the right to kill     us. Do not judge a book by its cover. I was in private school from age 3     to 13. I went to one of the best schools in Baltimore. Can we say Blue     Ribbon and National Merit (do not know what it is look it up). I am     college educated and I have a career. I still take pictures with the peace     sign and duck lips. I still use slang. I am still human.

Do I think the name of the police officer that shot Michael Brown should be released? No. The internet is powerful and it so easy to find his family. I understand what happened was sad and the police officer deserves to be punished but to avoid violence against violence I think his name should not be released. I think he owes everyone an apology and answers.

My Overall Thoughts: We should raise awareness and take the necessary steps to better our children, our community and ourselves. It takes a village to get things done. You must be a leader and take the first step to help with racism and police brutality. I am not saying that it is going to happen overnight and I am not saying that this will fix everything. We have to be heard and be serious. Let us do this for the Black teens and young people and start a cycle. We should be always actively doing a part to help with this problem. Do not just talk about it do something about it. Let us forever remember the people affected by these tragedies so that we can continue to make a positive different. Trayvon Martin name should not be forgotten and neither should Michael Brown.

Be Positive and Make a Difference. One Step at a Time.